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GBInstagram is Popular Insta MOD Developed to Enhance your Instagram Experience and Enrich with full customization features. Download GB Insta App from the GBInsta Official Site – GBInsta.Dev for a seamless and personalized messaging experience.

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Hello there, are you an Instagram user? Are you searching for an upgrade? Do you want to know about GB Instagram Apk? If yes then this article will be very helpful for you. You are on and here we have shared all the amazing facts, details, installation, and Downloading guide for GB Instagram Apk. GB Insta comes with many add-on features and advantages. You can also be a part of it, by just downloading it for free. Just go through this article so you will not get confused in any process.


GB Instagram

We all use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. But this APK UI looks very boring, having no customizations and nothing. Because of this, we have made GB Instagram Apk, This is the ultimate modified version of Insta having lots of add-on features, customizations, and themes, and with more security and safety. Also to make it fun while used, we have added more colors and UI options, so you can easily customize it as per your needs.

GB Instagram APK Download

People think GB Instagram is also the same mod version as others, but isn’t true! We have made GBInstagram the ultimate version available, there are lots of amazing features and benefits which you haven’t seen in any other version. Also, this version offers you more safety and security settings, you can manage notification settings, comment options, and more. To get a full idea about GB Instagram Apk download it now.

GB Insta
GB Instagram

Download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version For Android

Downloading GB Instagram is now been very easy, you can just click on the download link. You are on the official website of GBInstagram Apk, We are going to share all the updates, changes, and advanced future features. Downloading GB Instagram Apk is free, just click on the Download button below and your app will be downloaded. Please be aware of fake websites, which are distributing GBInstagram on the internet. Some of these sites can harm your account or provide you with the wrong version.

Download GBInsta APK For Free

App NameGBInsta
DeveloperGB Insta
LicenseUnlocked, Free
File TypeAPK File
Total Download2.6M
Updated On2 Hours Ago

Stunning Features In GBInstagram Apk

Being the ultimate Instagram MOD this app has everything you can have, to upgrade your old Instagram version. To give you a brief explanation of its stunning features we have shared a guide below. So it’s important to read it till the end.

GB Insta Download

Fully Customisable

One of the most amazing factors of Instagram is, you can easily customize it as you want. This app doesn’t have any distractions on customizable it. We have added separate customization options, home screen settings, and more. Experience the amazing app at your fingertips, with

Enable More Privacy

Privacy is a factor we are concerned about all the time Because in GB WhatsApp Apk you will get lots of options to maintain your privacy on the next weekend. On top of this, we have added some more features that will help you make the GB Instagram safety insta MOD ever. Enjoy using GB Instagram Apk for free, download it now…

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In Build Theme Store

If you have used WhatsApp mods, then you could know about the theme store. While having a theme store is Instagram is very unique, in other Instagram mods you only get black-and-white theme options. But in GB Instagram Apk you can choose from thousands of amazing themes and use the best suites for you. These themes are free, there is no need to have any subscription or charges for using them.

Comment Section Settings

GB Instagram Apk has a wide settings panel, it has everything you will ever need. You can control everything from its settings panel. Now talking about its comment section, here you can moderate the comments, delete or approve them. With GB Instagram Apk you can have full control over your comments, and you can easily stop spamming and grow your profile on Instagram with the help of this feature. So check them out.

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GB Insta Download photos and videos

Download Photos and Video

GB Instagram allowed users to download photos and videos from Instagram posts directly to their device. and GBInstagram would start downloading once you click on the “Download” button. The chosen image or video will be saved to a particular directory or folder on the user’s device.

Customise Your Notification

We all get notifications from Instagram, but do you know there is a way to recover important notifications and ignore unnecessary toasts? Yes, this setting is available in GB Instagram Apk, using which you can make your Instagram Apk more productive and fast. It’s a one-time process, just go to your navigation settings then go to settings>>notification.

gbinsta features

Home Screen Settings

The home screen is the most important in Instagram because we have added a special setting panel for it. In this setting open you will get more 5 sub settings fields. Each field has special customization options, like colors, shapes, and other factors. If you want to know more about this setting, then please download the free GBInstagram app from its official website now.

Secure Your Profile

Instagram is getting viral, people are being crazy about Instagram. With this craziness there is also one more craziness that can harm your account, we are talking about hacking. Sharing your Instagram details on any third-party websites, auto liker can tend to get it hacked. Because we have added some basic security features. Using this you can enable more safety whenever you log in.

gbinsta home

More Colours Customisations

We know colors are important, and because of this, we have added a new setting option for colors. You can call it the universal colors option. With these color options, you can enhance the looks of your GB insta app, there are also some more features in this setting penal so please go and review them all.

Truly Ads Free

Ads are very annoying, you can see 1 ad after 2 posts. This thing has rained your experience because in GB Instagram Apk you will get relaxation from all these ads and promotions. We have added an ad blocker in this app, so you will never need to tolerate any ads from now. Just now install GB Instagram on your device and you are done.

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Anti-Ban Version

Are you worried about the safety of your Instagram account? If yes then don’t worry, we have got you. With the latest version of GB Instagram Apk you can have the safety of your account, this is an anti-Ban version. So your account will be safe with it. Only you should comply with other terms of use, so there will never be a chance to disable your insta account.

GBInsta – Pros & Cons

Like any other app GB Instagram also has lots of pros and some cons, which are important to share with you. We like to be transparent with our users and share everything with them. So be with us and get all information about GBInstagram Apk.

  • Customisable: GB Instagram comes with a 100% customization Interface.
  • More Safety & Privacy: You can increase your safety and security with GB Instagram Apk.
  • Get Zero Ads: We have zero ads in GB insta because you can enjoy it without any interruptions.
  • Ultimate Insta MOD: GB Insta is considered the ultimate MOD of Instagram. We have added insane features and a fully customizable interface. You can easily do it as you want, there is no restriction on anything.
  • Unofficial: One of the cons of using GB Instagram is that it’s a modified version of Instagram, and the core developer didn’t make it. But besides it you can have full trust in this app, it has more safety features than insta itself.
  • Many Fake sites: We have launched your app in the app store, but due to many fake sites, we have made GB insta. dev. This is the only official website you can trust and download GBInstagram Apk from.
  • Late Updates: Late updates means you will receive core insta updates after 48 to 72 hours. After that GBInsta will be available to download from

How To Install GBInsta Apk – Step By Step Guide

Are you confused about how to install the GB Instagram app on your device? If yes then this guide will be very helpful for you. In this guide, we are going to share a detailed process on how to install GBInstagram on your Android device. So please read it till the end, or you will not able to understand it properly.

First of all click on the Download button, and download the GB Instagram app from downloading page.

After this go to your file manager and search for the app we just downloaded, click on it.

If you are Installing a third-party app for the first time, then you will see a new screen. In that screen, you will need to allow permission for “Unknown Sources”.

After completing with permission part, click on the install button and wait while the installation is going on.

Once you are done with the installation, then click on open and enjoy using GBInstagram Apk for free.

Download GB Instagram APK for PC

Yes, it’s possible, now you can use GB Instagram Apk on your PC. There is no need to have an Android device to access the ultimate Instagram MOD. All you need to do is, follow some quick steps and copy it to your device.

First of all download GBInstagram Apk on your PC, so click on the Download button in this article.

After this go to Google and search for “Android Emulator” with your PC OS name, i.e windows.

Once you have found the best emulator, just download and Install it on your PC.

After this open the emulator and install GB Instagram Apk in it.

Then you can easily launch the GBInstagram App in the emulator and enjoy using it.

Is It Safe To Use GB Instagram Apk?

Yes, Using GB Instagram on your device is safe. Just there are some steps you must follow to maintain your safety with this app. Firstly you should only download GBInstagram Apk from its official website ( If you are downloading it from any other third-party app, then your safety could be at risk. Many of these websites distribute fake apps, so it’s very important to download GB Insta app from its official website only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need GB Instagram Apk?

GB Instagram is the need of every individual using Instagram. This app has more advanced features and an addon function to help you run it more smoothly.

What is the lowest Android version required to install GBInstagram Apk?

You should have Android version 4.4 and above to install GBInstagram Apk on your device.

How to solve the “Apk not installing” error?

This is a very rare error, it generally happens with two packages get confits while installing. So try to uninstall the old Instagram app, and install the GB Instagram app on your device alone.

Is it free to download APKs from

Yes, it’s free to download and use GB Instagram Apk on your device. There is no need to have any subscription or charges for downloading this app.


In this article, we have shared the GBInstagram app with you. We have also shared in-depth information about this app, with a proper installation and downloading guide. We have also included some steps to use GB Instagram Apk on PC. On top of it, we have shared the latest version of GB nstagram Apk download link from its official website, You can get many premium features and add-ons with this app, for more info just read this article till the end. That’s it for now, please share it with your friends. So they will also get benefits from it.